3.Moonchild (a series of observations)

Article by Professor RD Fripp in the Worcester Gazette, 01/04/2008


The Moonchild skull originated in Latin America some 900 years ago – when a human being that was not its mother lay down next to it and died herself – only to be uncovered almost a millenium later in a coal mine in what is modern day Mexico. Though its physiognomy is almost unique, its bizarre, elongated cranium unknown to modern science, it is similar to some skulls that were found in parts of Peru in ritual burials dated to around 2,000 years ago.

Some say the skull is that of a hydrocephalic infant, a condition which causes gigantism of the cranium, or that the child must have been ritually bound from an early age in order to give it its bizarre appearance that must have been most disconcerting to anyone who came into its presence. Why was it done? Perhaps it was a marking of social status? Perhaps to awaken latent telepathic abilities present in human beings? We can only speculate. Perhaps it was worshipped as a deity – perhaps it was an outcast and exile. Perhaps the woman found with it was it’s guardian. Or perhaps she was simply one elected to die with it. Either way, its life was likely short and an extremely trying one.

But there are some people – more than a few of them – who insist that this was not a moonchildskullhuman infant at all. That in fact it represents either a hybrid or an entirely unknown species – and they claim to have the DNA evidence they need to prove it.

We don’t know what their world was like, these ancient cultures who seem to have worshipped the elongated skull people, but they appear to have been skilled carvers of stone and may have been responsible for megalithic works like Tiahuanaco and Ollantaytambo in Peru and Bolivia, in the vicinity of which many of these skulls have been found. We don’t know where they came from, or why they died out. Perhaps their big brains meant that they sat around all day coming up with philosophical propositions rather than hunter-gathering or the important business of going out and making war on their neighbours. Perhaps they thought themselves to death. Or perhaps they were survivors of natural disasters that ended their world, like the meteor that struck the earth some 12,000 years ago with the strength of around 50 million of nuclear bombs.

Perhaps this was one of the last of its kind.

The Ancient Romans were maybe the greatest military civilisation the world has ever seen, but they were a military civilisation – basically destroyers. The Romans destroyed as much knowledge of the ancient world as they preserved, and their attitudes and failures are still with us now – still colour our would and cloud our perception.

Just supposing there were other great civilisations who had gone before – civilisations who were not destroyers but creators. How much of them would have come down to us? What evidence would survive today?

Scientific knowledge already suggests that at least three such cultures have been found on this planet in the course of its long and long-forgotten history. Perhaps they were like us – perhaps some of them were not. In Ancient Babylon, there were records of perhaps 300,000 years of kings before the great flood said to have ended that age of civilisation. Some of these kings are said to have lived and ruled for many thousands of years. How is this possible unless they were from an advanced scientific culture? Our current supposed ‘culture’ that remembers all of 4,000 years cannot explain it. Archaeologists cannot explain the evidence coming out of the ground in places like Egypt, South America, China, Easter Island…

Many such sites seem to lie along a line drawn around the earth, that may represent the polar equator of an earlier time before the earth was knocked off of its old axis by some catastrophic impact.

The remains of these elder cultures – dolmens and standing stones, pyramids, geometrical “windows” and carved stones of incredible size – have been found all over Europe, Malta, Egypt, North Africa, Russia and the Middle East. Even as far, it’s suggested, as Japan and China, implying a world-wide civilisation pre-dating the last ice age.

Many of these stones don’t make any sense in the context of individual constructions, but can only be understood in the context of markers left for somebody to tell others they had been here. They must have come from the remains of an advanced civilisation that spread its culture elsewhere, perhaps survivors in the wake of some great global disaster.

In the ancient legends it is stated, by many cultures, that there were once giants amongst them. Do they mean literal giants, or perhaps intellectual giants who did feats of engineering, cutting and moving stone still evident far and wide today?

Is it possible that some of these ancestors may even have been in touch with other, extra-terrestrial, cultures? Could they have gone to the stars themselves? We may never know.

Such speculations are widely “brushed under the carpet” and openly ridiculed by academics. And yet, anyone in possession of one of these skulls would be in possession of the most powerful and incontrovertible evidence that “others” once existed. For this reason they are highly prized by rich collectors and those who pursue the truth about human origins on this planet…


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