2 new emails (2): Sterling Pons

From: Sterling (lordosmo@hotmail.com)
To: Edward Spartacus
Cc: Diana Jones


Subject: ——-


Dear Cus,

By now I’m sure Julia told you I’ve vanished off the face of the earth, or some such shit. The reality is, nothing of the sort. I’m in Lebanon, Cus. That’s right – the Middle East… I’ll explain in a bit.

There’s a site here called Baalback which is of quite a lot of interest to cryptoarchaeologists. Go ahead and check it up on Youtube now. I’ll wait.

Done? Good. I don’t want you to forget to read the rest of my email.

The story about meeting Fripp and the conference was mostly subterfuge, and I’ll admit that it was a bit of a co-incidence, his coming here at this exact moment in time. I’m jealous of those who get to see him, but I probably know everything I need to know about that already at this time from watching his lectures online. In fact, whatever Julia may tell you, I have a couple of different reasons for disappearing.

The weird thing is this, Sparky: not to put too fine a point on it, I seem to have attracted a little bit of the wrong kind of attention. In fact I’m pretty sure I’m being followed. Friends of Len Valentino’s, I expect, checking up on me, but I don’t know for sure yet. Being out of the country for a little while won’t hurt, I should imagine. Anyway, for this reason I’ve used your passport to come here. You left it in the drawer when you were staying here. We look similar enough, and hopefully I won’t be followed this way. Hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, as I was saying, Baalbeck is one of a handful of sites with carved and placed stones weighing the hundreds of tonnes in what we call *Cyclopean* masonry. A place associated with the god Baal, and at different times with with the Roman god Jupiter and various other deities, the site consists of a vast platform somewhat similar to that at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which appears to have been added to and developed at different epochs in its history. As I mentioned, it is of great interest to certain elements of the archaeological community, but rather hard to visit at the moment for the reason that it’s currently in the middle of a war zone and tricky to get access to. But I managed to pull a few strings, Cus…

Baalback is interesting for a number of reasons. One of the layers of construction is made up of absolutely MASSIVE stones 1,000 tonnes or more. In addition to the puzzle of how they were cut and moved with supposedly bronze age tools, there is the fact that there appears to be no rhyme or reason to how they are placed – halfway up a high stone wall on top of smaller blocks and topped off by further layers of progressively later construction. Somebody suggested they have to be so large as it’s a retaining wall holding up many tonnes of earth the other side of it, but I don’t think this has ever been proven. Supposedly these three stones – the Trilithon, as they are called – were put there during Roman times, and yet we know from written records of legionaries attempting to move an obelisk from Egypt that the Romans couldn’t move more than a few hundred tonnes – in point of fact they had to cut the bottom off of one and leave it lying in the desert sands for that reason.

How did primitive people manage to move and position these stones from the quarry armed with only hemp rope, without a crane or other advanced tools? We would struggle to do it today.

The masonry lewis is an incredibly ancient invention, but there’s no explanation of how the Romans found the manpower and the materials to do the job. Furthermore, no lewis holes have ever been found on the stones at Baalbeck. These stones appear to have been hewn out of the living rock and levitated into position – An even larger block is still visible in the quarry site I’ve seen it myself – a monster of around 1,200 tonnes or so, known as “The Stone of the Pregnant Woman”, that seems to have developed a hairline crack during quarrying and had to be abandoned there. 200 people could stand atop it comfortably. There are no tool marks – the stone is incredibly ancient – but it’s not clear there ever were any. Whatever technology they were using, they were so incredibly accurate, the finished blocks are fitted together so that not a hair will pass between them. This is proof of an ancient civilisation on earth of which we know NOTHING, ‘Cus! There is not supposed to have been any significant pre-Roman activity in this part of the world. The other question is why they wanted to build a fortress there – whoever they might have actually been. Local legends say that this place was originally built by Cain, before the flood, and re-built later by a race of giants. Other – perhaps more modern – legends insist that this was once a landing spot for alien craft. In any case it does seem to have certain similarities to Jerusalem, where men bow down and worship the wailing wall at a spot that was once of some vital importance to their God – but history doesn’t seem to record exactly why now. I want to check my facts before I say too much more, and visit a couple of other sites – but I am convinced that this man Roger Starling and his alien cult friends are on to something, and that they already know far more than they’re telling anyone. For what reason I don’t yet know – is it possible that they are actually trying to STOP this information from coming into the public attention, ‘Cus?

All I will say for the time being is that if you happen to come into contact with Roger OR his sister Jane for any reason, or if either of them try to contact you, BE CAREFUL. They are DANGEROUS. I also have reason to believe that the man calling himself Roger Starling is not who he says he is.

I won’t say too much more about where I’m staying or the kind folks who’ve helped me, but I’ll be in touch soon, and we’ll see what conclusions we can draw – if any. See you then! Take care – and once again, ‘Cus – once again, if you or Ana happen to run into a man called Roger Starling, – DO NOT trust him! RUN!!!






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