Skye Warden – part 3

When the attack droid lay on the floor in a pile of smouldering pieces Scout picked up the video phone that had been blinking at at her from the other side of the remains of what had been her classroom. Her mind was racing through the list of those who could have known that she would be here today. Had somebody betrayed her? Some enemy of her family from their past, who had been biding their time? Were there more of those things waiting for her? Or was it only an opportunistic attack by the Steel Tsar’s forces, with individual assassins sent to multiple locations?


The man who appeared on the Holocron was greying at the temples yet nonetheless youthful looking and smiling with a friendly reassurance.


“Ms Warden? I’m Aubyn Sinklare, the president of planet Genesys.”


“I know who you are. I’ve seen you on television. Do you want to tell me why I’ve been attacked on a planet that has offered asylum to my brother and I?”


Sinklare looked awkward for a moment. “That’s what I wanted to tell you about Ms Warden. We’ve detected multiple incursions into our airspace. It looks like a hostile invasion force. We’ve determined that you and your brother may be their targets.




“About half an hour ago. It took some little time to find you, since someone using your call sign just signed in to Souvlaki Space Station on a shuttle.”


“Someone’s pretending to be me? But why? And what about Skye? He’s not back from the flight academy on the moon yet… nevermind.”


She thought: they’re planning to get Skye.


“I do hope you won’t hold this incident against myself and my government, Ms Warden. Ms Warden??”


But Scout had already put two and two together. And she was already on her way to help her brother.



[to be continued]

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