A statement on the London Attack… Nov ’19

Being that there has today been another terror incident involving a knife attack on London Bridge, and that “The Electric Corp” short story deals directly with a similar set of circumstances, I don’t know when or if I will be continuing the story. Whilst it has been written, and while it is not clear if there are any fatalities yet, out of respect I will obviously be putting this “on hold” for now.

I think it was Alan Moore who pointed out, while he might be wrong about a great many things, that the etemological root of the phrase “to spell” a word is the same as a “spell” in the sense of a magic spell. It is always disconcerting when you write something down only to find that it comes true, and it does happen more often than you’d think – so much that I am inclined to believe that the writing DOES make it more likely to happen. With that in mind, I won’t take my chances on writing any more for now – IF I ever do finish the story (90% is written in note form at this point) it will be dedicated to the people of London and to the victims of every attack in the last two decades, which the policies of the governments of Blair and Brown and of others seem to have unleashed on our country.

Please hold your head up, be careful out there, and uphold our British values. We will never surrender to terror.





November 29th, 2019

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