A Scandal in Soho, part 3


Examination of the Corpse


Sherlock Holmes, our friend the Inspector and I all knelt to examine the corpse where it had fallen by the bed, being careful not to disturb anything: “The victim, Monsieur de Nada, was about forty or so. Appears to have been killed by a trauma to the head inflicted with a blunt object. We’ll have to wait for the coroner’s report to find out what exactly. No sign of the murder weapon.” I looked back at the painting: “or the supposed wife. I suppose she’s our only suspect so far. But could a woman do something like this?”

“If the victim was not expecting it, it’s possible. The murder weapon would have to have some heft to it,” said the dulcet Mr Holmes. “I am certain that if we investigate the supposed Mrs de Nada we will find that the, ah… collection of implements discovered in the apartment was in fact hers – and that she was not, in reality, the wife of the deceased.”

“How can you be so sure?” I asked him.

Holmes would only say, “Nothing is certain, Watson. Not yet.” He was examining a ring left in the dust on the window ledge where the former Mistress of the household had apparently been less concientious in matters of housekeeping than she had apparently been with other things around the bedroom.

“What was here, inspector?”

“I should say from a quick look around the flat that it was most likely another rubber phallus, Holmes. Someone who lived here did have a great collection of them.”

“I should say from the perimeter of the base that it must have been a large one, perhaps twelve inches long, of which there is now no sign. There is your murder weapon.”

“Bloody hell,” I said.


“Then the game’s a foot?”



to be continued (next week)

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