Judge a Book by its Cover, pt.2

Don’t judge a book by its cover… or do!


PART TWO: Just a few books from at home.


IMG_0383Book design: Tragic.

Looks like it was made by a 9 year old with Photoshop. Has nothing to do with the story because it’s an image from the Moffat and Gattis BBC reboot of Sherlock. WTF is Ben Cumberbatch pointing at?? Also note that Watson can’t run because he has an old war injury. This is established in the FIRST CHAPTER of the book.

I tore this cover off and threw it in the bin because the inside is actually good. Unfortunately I had to pull this trash out for the photo. Note this is another failure by the BBC, paid for by your licence fee.



Book design: Penguin (new). This ordinary paperback has a wraparound cover with a tastful linocut design and embossed printing similar to the Great Ideas range et cetera. Nothing less than we would expect from the modern Penguin. You really can’t see how nice it is from a photo. The “buy one half price” label is a sticker. I would have preferred the “woman’s prize shortlisted” label to be a sticker. Incidentally, where is the prize for men’s fiction?


Book design: Penguin (old). IMG_0386

Just some more vintage Orwells from my collection. The outfit on the cover of a Clergyman’s Daughter is anachronistic to the era of the book. They clearly didn’t have the budget to actually send someone to Spain for Homage to Catalonia, but Burmese Days looks like it might at least be a photo of Burma. I think the orange covers were made before the black ones but later than the photomontage covers like the copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four I featured before. If nothing else, these remind you of Penguin Books’ roots as a budget imprint.




Book Design: Illustrated

The colourful designs and illustrations clearly helped to sell Harry Potter to the masses. They had it down by these last two. Note the black and white more somber theme of the last book: I hate Harry Potter, but this is undeniably classy design work. The various covers complement each other and make something more than the sum of the whole. These are for sale, if anybody wants them. I only bought them because they’re first editions (sadly they published millions of them by this point in the series, so no great value)


Next time: more bookish design-related business

The erotic adventures of Sherlock Holmes will continue next week.

Part one of some book covers

Some other business







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