The Corona Lectures: 3

She ain’t our Gal



Video game Deus Ex (released in the year 2000) imagined a world pandemic in the 2050s.

As world pandemic spreads thanks to the actions of the communist party in China and globalist open borders policies, Gal Gadot and her celeb friends stage a viral video singing a song celebrating those exact same open borders. Holed up in their mansions they look down at the rest of us, but may soon run out of medical supplies the same as the rest of us thanks to the fact that, due to those same globalist policies almost all those things are now made in India or China.


It’s often been said that under capitalism you occasionally get shortages, and under communism you occasionally get bread. For most of us, however, this will be the first time we can remember the shops being free of bread. It’s even been reported people are stocking up on fridge freezers in which to stock their stockpiling. First no toilet paper, now no fruit and vegetables and no bread. So this is how civilisation ends?


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This isn’t any situation from which we need Wonder Woman to save us. The Chinese Virus (please continue to call it that – it triggers PC people) is not killing the young or the already healthy just yet, regardless however much as the media circus wants you to live in fear. Viral video of a woman in London hooked up to an I.V. drip was debunked as being a cancel patient. A 21 year old who tested positive and later died was found to have a serious pre-existing condition. The panic has undoubtedly been the worst part of this, as people who have never faced this kind of situation react with the ape part of their brains and brick themselves up in their houses with rolls of TP. But if it slows the rate of new infections enough to flatten the curve of sick people rocking up in hospital, it might make the difference between our NHS being able to copy – or a situation similar to that already seen in Italy.

Gal Gadot sings Imagine, for some reason

That people are dying of something seems in no doubt. It didn’t take long, however, for the internet to claim that the Chinese Flu was “not a normal virus” or some sort of low-grade bio weapon, designed to genocide the the boomer generation. According to a research paper submitted by a team of Indian biochemists, since withdrawn, Covid 19 virus apparently has a chain of proteins similar to HIV1 that could be a sign of it having been engineered in a lab – IF you believe in conspiracy theories. The reality is, it wouldn’t even be necessary to go to such lengths if you wished to engineer global panic: as Orwell has told us, control of the media is all you would really need for that.

It’s interesting, therefore, to note that Youtube (owned by Google) appears to have censored all reference to “conspiracy theories” in the weeks and months leading up to the emergence of Covid-19. As what is functionally the only source for independent media outlets we have left, if the internet were shut down we would be back in an information dark age. Bearing in mind that Google and other Big Tech firms are already known to edit and suppress information, are we really so much better than than the communist Chinese who have been lying about the Wuhan Virus for three months or more, if that is in fact where it originated?

Imagine there’s no countries, indeed.



Next: God Only Knows…



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