Comic Book Preview Day 3!

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They Attacked His Family And Enslaved The Galaxy… Now They’re Going to Pay!

Skye Warden is 14 years old. An orphan, his home planet was torn apart by war when he was only a baby. The android Amir flees with the child to planet Genesys in the far reaches of the galaxy, away from the power of The Blok and the twisted Emperor Canker.

The Wardens once protected the old Empire. But now they are hunted and murdered. For 13 years Canker rules with an iron fist, removing all who oppose him.

The Legend of Skye and his Sister, Scout, lives on. Most people believe they are dead. But the The Blok hunt him… The Emperor’s Minions Skullbot and Quark travel to Genesys with their forces, determined to take Skye Warden dead or alive.

Can Skye survive? Will he live to defeat Canker and bring freedom back to the known universe?

Page001Page002Page003Page005to be continued!

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