Star Wars Holiday Special

Haven’t done a cover review for a while, but instead of books here’s a comic and a film poster. Both on a Star Wars theme (I can’t stand the new ones!)


Every now and then I’m reminded then when it was good, once upon a time Marvel Comics was really good. Here’s comics’ favourite redhead in B&W:



I love the old-school theme of this. This could have been done any time from the Golden Age of comics on. Not sure who the artist is (Paulo, judging from the sig). Were old comics sexist? Possibly. Who cares? If showing an idealised female form is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I’m hearing that the Mary Jane line of comics might have been cancelled by Marvel. I didn’t actually know they existed, but sad if it’s true anyway. And not very woke of them to cancel a woman. Seems like redheads can’t catch a break! Bleeding Fool has the story here:


It seems like Marvel might have also cancelled their Star Wars comic that was supposed to be coming up, adapting The Rise of Skywalker. Apparently Disney has sh*tcanned it, because they want to brush the whole sorry project of Intersectional Feminist Star Wars under the carpet.



I found this on Twitter somewhere, and again I don’t know who the artist is, but it’s one of the best film posters I’ve seen and it again reminds me of how awesome this stuff used to be… and who knows maybe one day it will again… er… be (I’m an optimist).

Click for a bigger version on PC:




Bonus “where are her organs” pic of Mary Jane with real human bean for comparison:

Mary Jane

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