Hero’s Journey Issue 1

Out now – read online for free!

Download it here – pdf download

You can find the Hero’s Journey video game at Itch.io

Bonus! Quick guide to characters

Skye Warden

The Hero of our story. As we open he is about eleven years old, and just beginning to learn that he is going to have a big role to play in the fate of the galaxy.

Everybody wants to kill Skye.

Scout Warden

Scout is the older sister, she’s kind of a sassy character.

As the older one she thinks she knows it all, but she’s far from a Mary Sue.

Scout and Skye lost their parents super young to the super villain who now rules the known galaxy, and as such she has some unresolved issues.


Amir is an android who was tasked to protect Scout and Skye by their mother with her final breath before the Old Empire fell. As such, he would fight to his final breath for them.

Although he does not see himself as fully human, he is a soldier and also a teacher to Skye. His attributes include superhuman strength and determination.

Tingol Warden

A princess of the Old Empire, she was married young to a soldier who fought in the Civil War against the evil Reinhold Canker. Canker eventually won and conquered the universe!

We don’t get to see too much of the Wardens’ parents in the first part of the book, but they are important characters in the story.

Sergeant Oats

A grunt in the Blok imperial space force who just transferred to a new ship.

His first mission is to hunt and kill the young Skye Warden.

Maybe he doesn’t really want to do it, but he’s really just a horse-creature doing a job.

Emperor Canker

We don’t get to see the Big Bad in the first part of the story, but we do meet his right-hand man General Quark and a group of gnarled mercenaries who’ve been hired with one job in mind…. to hunt down the only person in the known universe who may be able to stop him… and kill Skye Warden!!

If you enjoy the story feel free to contribute at paypal.me/pretendo or leave a comment below to find out first when the next issues are posted and get a printed copy when the HERO’S JOURNEY is complete.


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