2020 Conspira-Vision, part 2


Continuing my series on Viral 2020… because I haven’t done one of these for a while.

President Trump recently delighted his fans and triggered his haters by not dying from Corona, as many of them had wished on Twitter.

One such “public figure” was former Hillary staffer Zara Rahim, who did so while reminding us that it was against her “moral identity” to wish death on someone – whatever that means.

In the aftermath of which, Twitter announced that it would automatically timeout anyone who wished death on another person – perhaps to help save face for some of these people exposing their own hypocrisy over President Meanie.

In fact, the internet tech powers that be did such a good job of scrubbing this moment from history that I had to dig through several pages of Google searches to even confirm that tweet existed.

But of course, these Twitter checkmarks had been pulling their punches up to now. It’s time for #MasksOnGlovesOff. Now the hate-speech can really begin.

Ah yes, Trump’s little October surprise, which he hinted at in a viral video, looking surprisingly well not 72 hours after first being diagnosed with the virus. He then went for a little drive with the secret service, once again triggering Twitter and so-called “independent journalism” websites:

Disappointed that he had not, in fact, died, the narrative switched to the fact that the President was putting people at risk – ignoring the fact that he was in a car, and that the secret service were wearing N95 respirators – the same N95 respirators that journalists claim can stop the spread of C*VID.

But let’s not let that get in the way of a story:

Cue conspiracy theories.

When Boris had Chinese disease Brits didn’t see him for about a fortnight, during which time he was presumably taking a holiday or being briefed on what to do by his handlers from the World Bank and the Gates Foundation. This left the British public at the mercy of media rumours. But, no. This kind of display is un-acceptable. This despite the fact that the drive-by must have been OK’d by the doctors at Walter Reed, one of the world’s most advanced medical facilities.

In fact, it wouldn’t even surprise me if the president has a double to do this kind of thing for him while he puts his feet up, as we know other world leaders have had them, like Sadam and Kim Jong Il. George W. Bush was regularly doubled by a chimpanzee. Although this isn’t something that’s ever spoken about openly with western leaders – but then they do keep telling us that Trump wants to become more like a dictator, so who knows?

In truth, the artist formerly known as Orange Man hasn’t been the demagogue you think he is. In his first term he’s managed to push through some funding for his border wall and deport a few migrants, along with certain tax breaks (that, by the way, boosted the economy) – but the transformation that’s happened in American society has largely been on the left, who’ve certainly galvanised faced with the perceived “populist” in the White House. In truth Trump occupies mostly the same ground as a centrist 90s Democrat, for example Bill Clinton – and when faced with this loss of the centre, the left’s response has been to push toward the radical, into identitarianism or full-blown Marxism.

One side argues that the gloves are off with Trump once he gets into a second term and doesn’t have to worry about being elected once more, but I wonder if he wouldn’t be tempted to rest on his laurels and become more conciliatory in the second half, if and when it happened? Someone is going to have to heal the divide in America that’s opened up (largely thanks to the efforts of the mainsteam media and money pouring in from vested interests). And it’s hard to imagine Joe Biden paying it any more than lip service. Whichever party loses it could be out of government for a long, long time – although if Trump gets a second term it’s easy to see the Republican party f*cking it up and things flipping in 2024 – because things do be that way.

The President has been put on Remdesivir, and this is what apparently has him well enough to be out and about, at age 74, which rather begs the question: why don’t they give everyone this instead of trying to develop a vaccine that will change the DNA of our entire bodies? But of course, we must trust the scientists…. When James Garfield was shot it lead to the invention of the metal detector and air conditioning, so perhaps some of the lessons learned will trickle down to the people in good time? Garfield, by the way, died, although Trump’s prognosis seems somewhat better at present moment of writing… (jinx!).

It’s almost as if it WAS just a bad flu, the whole time….

Francis Fenn is a comic book writer and deplorable.

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