Corona Diaries, part 3

My diaries from the 2020 lockdowns, continued

November 24th-26th

I spent two days going back and forth between Brighton and home, on the quest of buying items from Facebook Marketplace (this has become quite a large part of my job), and then returning them when they turn out to be broken. It serves me right for being a dirty capitalist and trying to make some money. God knows what everyone else is doing who lost their jobs during this thing.

Facebook has been so clever making itself a platform for selling unwanted crap – I didn’t look at it for years before that – but still one day it will go the way of Myspace into the big Internet Graveyard, I suppose – like the 90s dotcom boom in super slow motion.

I went on the train today because it’s impossible to park or drive a car in Brighton, too many speed cameras and psychopaths on mopeds coming at you. I met my friend P. and we talked about how they will have self-driving cars you can hire in a few years time to get you around – all part of the big plan. The world is going through a lot of changes right now. Those of us inclined towards the paranoid think a lot about how the current Chinese Flu crisis is being used to get us there. P. accepting of mainstream narrative, however – I have to mind what I say.

P’s Partner K. is pregnant. Hell of a time to bring a child into the world.

The town seemed busy despite being officially on lockdown. Not many shops open. “Mockdown”, my friend called it. A cafe was making you text in orders for beers before picking them up from a hatch at the side, so we just bought two tins of beer from the offie next door instead. The asian man at the counter looked at me, and said: “five pounds.” I paid it.

It’s an odd fact that since the lockdowns, ticket inspectors on trains aren’t allowed to check tickets any more in case of somebody passing on a virus. At Brighton station there were a dozen or so yellow goons in jackets hanging around, looking frustrated that they couldn’t do a lot, but still collecting their paychecks.

The paranoid amongst us question whether the masks are there to protect us, or to remind us that there is a pandemic – because we might be allowed to forget if not for them. We have all heard about the wards full of sick COVID patients in the hospitals. But where are the mobile phone videos? All we get is dancing TikTok nurses and stories on the news.

But of course, I am just being paranoid.

I missed my connecting train home so I just went to Newhaven and hung around the supermarket until I could get one. I still had to wait half an hour at Lewes by the time I got back there, and the heater in the waiting room was not working. That’ll do anyone with any winter viruses good. Fortunately I had a good book with me.

I get the feeling that the economic and social fall out of the Corona reset, whatever it will be, is only just beginning to be felt.


top image: Anti Lockdown Protestors march in Brighton (photographer unknown)

cafe image by author

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