12 Rules for Surviving Lockdown

~ Proverbs for paranoids ~

1.When community don’t talk to each other, beware

2.Whatever government says, believe opposite

3.Newspapers and TV: voice of your rulers

4.The real writers of the rules don’t put their names on them

(the people who are really in charge won’t tell you they are. The people telling you things are “only following orders”)

5.Trust no one

(corporations are not your friends. Big pharma is not your friend)

6.Choose the hill you’re willing to die on

(do you know where the line is you will not allow them to cross? Defend it.)

7.Mask on, mask off

(following on from 6… you may have to lie to stay alive. Make sure you still know who you are)

8.Everyone is bought off

(see rule 5.)

9.Don’t lose hope. Never give up.

10.Never be cruel. Never become like them.

11.Hold on to your friends

12.Remember: This too shall pass.

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