The State of America

The obligatory political post.

main image: compound on fire in Waco, Texas. 1993.

It’s a peculiar thing that the Capitol Riot of January 6th 2021 was a very largely UN-armed insurrection. The only firearms related incident of note was the death of one of the protestors, a Trump supporter, shot by an over-zealous security guard who got caught in that horrible day through no fault of his own. The events of the protest that day were otherwise, to borrow a phrase from Black Lives Matter, Mostly Peaceful. The goal of the protest, whoever you believe may have incited it, was not killing or destruction or the taking of power (if you take over a country you then have to administrate it, something very few want to do by the way, and hence why bureaucracy persists even where it is as obviously corrupt and wasteful as Washington – or Westminster. The British have never had a revolution because no one wants to have to run Britain).

The events of January 6th were more about political theatre than politics itself. How did we all get here, what were the forks in the road that lead America, that Empire of Liberty, and the world to this point?

The US as a nation was, ironically, founded on the belief that a government should fear its people as much as the people have to fear their government (unfortunately there was no consideration for the Kafka-esque institutions of government in the original constitution and the threat they pose to people’s liberty, since the bureaucracy didn’t exist yet in those days). As such, it is ironic when Joe Biden now talks about taking away people’s guns to protect them. The riots of the past year have ably demonstrated why people should wish to own guns for self defence purposes. Gun ownership has in fact increased in the past year or so in the United States.

I can still remember, in the early 2000s in American Studies classes, being taught that the militia movement (a catch-all term like alt-right or MAGA today) were a threat that needed to be disarmed – nothing about how Clinton and the federal government messed up in ’93 at Waco by killing all those Branch Davidians. The Clintons murdering people?? Surely not, I head you cry. Yet it happened. And it was brushed under the carpet by the media who shilled then as they do now, just as Clinton’s other main indiscretion in the White House would have been brushed away if it wasn’t such a juicy tabloid story. Power always corrupts, and sexual power is one aspect of it I suppose, although one rarely hears these sorts of stories about female politicians, but who knows?? Who knows, what Britain’s own Margaret Thatcher got up to in the 1980s, before the age of mass surveillance and mass information, with the likes of Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith around in the inner circles of media and government? One doesn’t like to think about it. But I digress.

The Clintons were – are – a mafia family in the tradition of the Borgias – or the Windsors. Bill’s indiscretion was an unfortunate blip, but Capitol Hil still thought she was on course for a coronation of her own in 2016 until the media personality and modern-day Emmanuel Goldstein that is Donald Trump messed it all up for her. Straight away the media ran with lurid stories about the guy banging prostitutes and models (quite a contrast to how they treated old Bill, who got caught red-handed, for those old enough to remember) and Democrats attempted to impeach him on “trumped” up charges. Trump didn’t start any juicy wars, or massacre his own citizens as at Waco (can you imagine the reaction??), which just made the media and “liberal elite” (who are neither of those words by the way) hate him even more.

But Trump was a monkey, not the organ grinder. A Michael Jackson figure, not the shady record company executive running the business. And he got too big for his boots, so he had to go. The 2020 election, which everybody knows was completely fair, made sure of that.

Image from Gab proving the election was completely normal and fair

The Obama years were good times for liberals. They got to bomb who they wanted with impunity, since they had a black man in charge of it. The Trump years saw some wins for the “conservative” side, although mostly token stuff. Building a wall (perhaps he should have named it the “Great Wall of Chy-na”) – that was about the most real aspect of the thing. Trump didn’t drain the swamp, or do anything to impede Big Tech. There is little doubt, however, that assuming he is not (character) assassinated and runs in 2024 that he would have massive support again.

Who, then, does Biden really represent, in 2020s America? Aside from the alleged Chinese influence?

He raised far more corporate money than Trump did for his campaign. His home state of Delaware is known as the banking state, one of the world’s largest tax havens. He is a career politician of over 48 years. And there is little doubt that the Clintons are part of the inner circle that will determine Biden era policy.

As the industrial age rolled into the information age,the centralisation of wealth and control in the earlier twentieth century gave rise to globalisation. The super rich now don’t have any particular nation as their personal fiefdom like the kings and emperors of old did, but their wealth, connections and charitable foundations give them influence. World culture in the twenty first century is becoming muddled, mingled and maleable. This means that even as on the other side of the pacific ocean China is becoming more capitalist and expansionist, we may see an “equalisation of pressure” so that the United States becomes more insular and increasingly “socialist” – something that traditionally Americans have always distrusted. What this means for ideas like personal freedom and liberty through private property and the right to bear arms remains to be seen. What kind of cultural revolution Bill Gates and Big Agriculture create by buying up acres of farmland, forcing people into cities and reliance on GMOS, remains to be seen. Yet this is the “green” future that they envision. The Clintons and their boy Biden are just some of the more public faces behind this, and this is why they hate ordinary people – these people think they are American royalty, and they resent having to pretend they are the same as the rest of us. But they know it makes them seem human if they act that way, and they have to keep up the pretence. They’re the equivalent of the Royal Family in the UK, and they feel no more obligation to their subjects. Their interests, in an age of over-population, resource scarcity and under-employment, increasingly do not align with ours. Why do you think their globalised media tells you on the daily that you are a parasite on this earth, and an infectious sack of disease?

But are career politicians like the Clintons and the Bidens really in charge, or are they another level of performing monkey themselves? Some people say not. Even the Windsors, over here in the UK, are acknowledged to be only a kind of figurehead for real power. Who is the power behind the power? And what of the stories of the CCP’s growing influence, or rogue billionaires like Gates or Klaus Schwab? As you and I don’t see the people who work behind the scenes, we will probably never really know. But it seems clear, from the footage of the man being lead around like a resident in a dementia home and fed obvious lines on an earpiece by handlers, that Joe Biden is not really in charge of anything. Probably even less so than Reagan was during his second term.

In a natural state of things, as geopolitics equalise between east and west in this “post-history” era (that misnomer courtesy of Francis Fukuyama), one would expect to see China begin to become a more free and open society even as the west is becoming more opaque and authoritarian. Yet there is little sign of this happening as yet, as communist China remains a repressive and non-democratic ethnostate. We in the west, however, seem to be becoming more like them, and not the other way around.

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