Why 9/11 conspiracy theories matter

Explained in Autistic Detail

For many people, September 11th 2001 was the moment that made them into a conspiracy theorist, the beginning of the bullshit. For those who remembered the Kennedy assassinations, they probably just shook their heads and said “plus ca change.”

It proved to be accelerant on the dumpster fire of this f*cked millenium.

In the 90s people liked America. You made good TV, and sold us endless dreams that we could never afford. Then 9/11 happened. You started lashing out at the world, took a crap on it, trying to kill something that probably never existed. You expanded out east, far away, for a few petrodollars, trying to master a world that you already, in the wake of the end of the Soviet Union, could’ve called your own. And the more you tightened your grip the more slipped through your fingers.

Like more all less all empires that ever were, you started neglecting things at home. And your servicemen and women often came back from the wars you started and found they didn’t recognise what their homes had become after what had been done to them – like some viral spark of goodness had gone out of the world.

When, in 2008, the banks collapsed it was (some might say) an inevitable result of the United States choosing to f*ck the rest of the world rather than putting its own house in order. In the new global village, everything was interconnected. If it went wrong, no where was left to run to. No one bothered to stop to consider that of course it was all going to go wrong sooner or later, when you have sub-prime mortgages up the ass and world leaders that can’t tie their own shoelaces, tied to a fiat currency guaranteed by next to nothing.

“Imagine there’s no countries,” indeed.

The UK didn’t get our inciting incident in the road to the New World Order until almost three years later. July 7th, 2004. Two underground trains and a bus blown up in London, apparently by Islamic terrorists. Like September 11th 2001, and the months prior to COVID 19 lockdowns, the relevant authorities happened to have been running a training drill in which very similar circumstances occurred on that very same day. In the world of conspiracy, there is no such thing as coincidence.

For Alex Jones, a talk radio host out of Houston, Texas at that time, it was the beginning of his road to Damascus. His small-time show on the local airwaves at that time, which he had enterprisingly syndicated himself to the newly-online world over an ISDN line, over the heads of his then-bosses, was soon cancelled for questioning the Bush-era narrative. A decade later when the social media and Youtube purges began, Jones was unbowed, unsurprised, as outspoken as ever, and perhaps the most censored man on the internet after only President Donald Trump.

The Bush years were tough years. You had to work hard for whatever piece of rug you got, that might be at any time pulled out from under you. Concepts like “furlough” or “universal basic income” had never been heard of by most people. Getting any help out of UK Job Centres was like attempting to bleed jam out of a particularly truculent stone. In the UK we got Tony Blair, who was a tool of neocon globalist-capitalists as sure as Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are an axis of neoliberal crypto-communism in the present day (whatever you vote for, you get the opposite in this bizarro world).

I’m not saying the Thatcher/Major years were good, but Jesus was New Labour in 1997 ever a false dawn. Blair made Socialism popular by removing the socialism and simply promising people free shit that he had no hope of giving them, a blueprint that politicians have been following ever since.

With that being the case (and the Obama years following a similar trajectory) it shouldn’t be any surprise that we got a rise of populism from both the left and the right in 2016, yet apparently this was surprising to an apathetic political class who had totally given up on the people they were supposed to represent, and indeed actively despised. Did the elite put Trump in for some kind of joke, so their media mouthpieces could fart out hate for the next four years for some reason? Did they just f*ck up that badly?? We may never know.

Then the 2020s rolled around, and we got masks, lockdowns and  vaxx mandates that made neoliberalism look more like neofascism, which is about right if you ever read George Orwell. The rich decided that the endless flow of oil and blood from the middle east wasn’t enough and decided to sacrifice the rest of us to their god, Moloch. There are too many useless eaters in the world. The technology exists now to get rid of them and automate their jobs, we could do it. It would be naive to think that the Gates’, the Clintons, the Klaus Schwabs of this world haven’t considered it. Hollywood and the media constantly tell us we are cancer on the earth, and not to have children if we really care about it. The controlled media push the gay agenda in your face daily because gay people don’t have as many children, and try to incite race wars. Do you think any of them really care about any of that stuff?

All of this was probably already in the planning 20 years ago. That is what is meant by a “conspiracy theory.” The problem is, is it still a conspiracy theory when it keeps coming true?

I’ll tell you the answer if we’re not all dead in ten years time.

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