The Occult Meaning of Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men is a film by Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron (Harry Potter, Gravity) based on a novel by the thriller writer PD James. The film takes place in a dystopian near future (2020s) where no children have been born for 18 years.

In the years since the world’s women became infertile civilisation has deteriorated, though not yet completely broken down. In UK, where the story takes place, London appears to now be under some form of dictatorship and refugees from abroad fill ghettos in the coastal areas where they are corralled in lawless and barely liveable conditions over-run by drugs and violence. Rebels fight with the government for control. Many people choose assisted suicide over continuing to live in a world that has lost its hope for the future.

Children of Men: A dark, dystopian nightmare

In this world a child – perhaps the first for near two decades – is born to a refugee, Kee, and must be escorted to safety by Theo, a low-ranking government bureaucrat, before she becomes a political football hunted by both sides.

Cuaron, the son of a doctor and a pharmaceutical biochemist, may have been drawn to the source material because of his family’s background. His brother is also – according to Wikipedia – a conservation biologist. Many of the scenes in the film feature nature re-taking ruins that people have abandoned, and almost every scene in the film features animals of some sort or other, adding to the weird post-apocalyptic feel.

Though we are never told how the infertility originated, we do get the information that Theo and his ex partner Julian (Julianne Moore) had a daughter who died during a pandemic flu approximately 19 years before. We might conclude that these facts are somehow related…

In “conspiracy theory” circles it’s popular to believe that the occult elite who control the general population though Tavistockian psychology and black propaganda will often signal their intentions to the world in the form of ritual “predictive programming” before real world events happen. According to this theory, for example, Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001 a Space Odyssey (1968) would be one “seed” preparing the public consciousness for the moon landings of 1969, in order that they not seem totally unbelievable when they happen.

2001: Mass Hypnosis?

According to this theory, before the elite perform one of their occult rituals they will issue some form of “warning” or explication through the popular culture, giving them a moral justification that they have told the “sheep” exactly what they are doing beforehand, for anyone who has eyes to see, thus exempting them from any blame for any amount of mass-murder that ensues from any of their machinations since they already told you dumb ***** exactly what they were planning to do if you were only paying attention – secrets hidden in plain sight, in other words, for those with eyes wide shut.

While Children of Men does not directly deal with the pandemic that arose 20 years before the action in the film, we might infer that it was a somewhat similar situation to what the world actually found itself in in early 2020, when the COVID-19 lockdowns began in lockstep around the world.

2020 was not the first time there was a push to create mass hysteria around a pandemic, as there appear to have been concerted attempts to do since around 2008, as was reported by Channel 4 news following the Swine Flu panic in 2010.

As there were evidently still children being born up to two years after the pandemic in the film, we might infer that it was something that happened as a result of the pandemic, and not the disease itself, that ultimately lead to the situation of no more children being born (while wholly believable, the film clearly depicts a worst-case scenario, evidently a child being born is extremely rare in this world, if any at all, in the 18 years before the film takes place).

It has been noted by some concerned observers that the vaccination schedule for Covid-19 (two jabs in quick order followed by boosters) appears to be very similar to that for the sterilization of wild horses via antibodies, something which Albert Bourla the CEO of Pfizer would know all about, given that he is a qualified veterinarian and holds a doctorate in the biotechnology of reproduction (source: Wikipedia).

Readers are invited to draw their own conclusions about how this is probably all purely co-incidence – no malice is inferred on the part of any large multinational corporations, government entities or eccentric billionaire philanthropists.

Interesting to note , however, that an increasing number of women have apparently been reporting irregular periods after Covid vaccination, as per BBC news, with the BMJ having apparently already received over 30,000 reports:

Needless to say, the BBC concluded that there is “no evidence” that this is concerning, or that the jabs might in any way affect fertility.

At the present time of writing no long-term studies into the effects of Covid vaccination on fertility, conducted by impartial and non-biased scientific bodies, were available.

During the autumn of 2021, it was reported that a record number of crossings of the channel to the south of the UK took place by refugees, chiefly of African and middle-eastern origin, travelling to the UK through France in order to claim asylum, and the influx shows no signs of slowing down any time soon – something the writers of the film Children of Men clearly foresaw.

In the wake of the Covid crisis in Europe there has been a push in many countries to force citizens to accept digital ID cards, to include information like Vaccine Status, and possibly a future China-style social credit score that would determine what you could buy, where you could work, go on holiday, or potentially even restrict you leaving the house.

Of course, in 2006 no one could have ever foreseen this coming:

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