Book Art Review, April ’22

Random book covers judged. This month: Colours and Patterns. Because I don’t know.

Book covers: Mondrian.

Here it is… it had to happen… this book cover about is a Mondrian.

He’s the painter who did all those paintings that look like Mondrians.

I have never seen this book in reality.

Books Covers: Women (big)

This cover was a little too green. The choice of shades here is… interesting. The purple is alright, but the green made me feel a bit ill. This looks like a yuppy’s home decor from about 1996.

Book Covers: Square Sections

Secret Agent’s Bedside reader contains some good stuff. It’s a cheap anthology if you want to get into it. Cover is cheap too, but it works.

Carbon diaries looks like it is as woke as it sounds, but I didn’t bother to read it. Yes that is a girl literally running away from a forest fire. It’s a little on-the-nose.

Book Covers: Mortal

Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines is another one that seemed to be cooler before they made a film of it and kinda killed the franchise. These covers made it look super-exciting. These kind of books are often written by men called Philip (K. Dick. Pullman. Larkin). The name means “Horse Lover” in Spanish.

The last one here is by a different illustrator and I don’t think it’s as good.

Book Covers: Grifting

Reminder that Frank’s Sherlock Holmes ebook is out now.

This might be news to you because I haven’t actually promoted it here

But you can download it for a low low price on ebook, kindle direct or a paperback for only 9.99 on Amazon.

That’s all for this month.

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