Ana Jones – continued (8)

"SPARTACUS, you utter bastard," I managed as I brushed the tweed jacketed hand away from me - for it was he, and not our mutual friend Sterling as I might have hoped. Why had he ever let me believe he would come here to the conference if he was off on some jaunt to the … Continue reading Ana Jones – continued (8)


The Narrative of Mansion Beckett, Concluded

Diary entry for October 12th, 1923 - continued   As I left the bookshop it was already dark as I stepped onto the dirt road, into the Rhode Island night, and I thought I heard an Owl far off in the distance. There was a chill in the air, and there would doubtless be a … Continue reading The Narrative of Mansion Beckett, Concluded

Mansion Beckett, narrative continued

Bierce's Bookshop, continued "I'm Lovecraft," he said. "Named after your father, or mother?" "Just Lovecraft." "A man of letters?" I asked him. "I have had a few short pieces published in less reputable publications," he said ruefully, "alas perhaps my works are not for everyone. I see you've encountered my friend Mrs Wallace Spencer. A … Continue reading Mansion Beckett, narrative continued

Extract from the Diary of Mansion Beckett

Concerning HP Lovecraft and Crowley in America   * * * If Howard Lovecraft was familiar with the work of young Mansion Beckett of Connecticut, New England, is unknown. But that they met we can be sure, since Beckett describes the events of that day in his diary. The Diary, of course, did not come … Continue reading Extract from the Diary of Mansion Beckett