Ana Jones, narrative continued (9)

Was Pons zig-zagging, trying to avoid the bizarre Roger Starling? Or was it Len Valentino's people, and the work they'd paid him to do for them, that had lead to his disappearance? Why, if so? Intransigence, or some deeper reason? Was there method to his madness? Had he, in fact, as garbled reports coming out … Continue reading Ana Jones, narrative continued (9)


Ana Jones – continued (8)

"SPARTACUS, you utter bastard," I managed as I brushed the tweed jacketed hand away from me - for it was he, and not our mutual friend Sterling as I might have hoped. Why had he ever let me believe he would come here to the conference if he was off on some jaunt to the … Continue reading Ana Jones – continued (8)

Ana Jones, continued (6): Disoriented to say the least

I was disoriented to say the least. My best friend was off flying round the world, discovering untold secrets of the ancient mysteries (maybe the greatest mystery of all – that of where we all came from). I was in a strange town, in a stranger's house, drunk, and what's more I hadn't had any … Continue reading Ana Jones, continued (6): Disoriented to say the least

2 New Emails: (1) Ned Spartacus

From: Edward Spartacus ( To: Sterling Pons  ( CC: Diana Jones ( Sterling, old pal, Thank you for your email of the 14th. Julia has just been here rattling on about you "going to the conference in Yorkshire, or Derbyshire, or wherever it is" (I don't think she even knows - although, as you always … Continue reading 2 New Emails: (1) Ned Spartacus

Ana Jones, continued (4): the journey north

On my way up to the north I passed the headquarters of Nestle in this country, with its logo of a mother bird feeding two baby birds in a nest burning bright against the winter night. I knew that there were some people who were apparently incapable of recognising corporate logos – the advertising world … Continue reading Ana Jones, continued (4): the journey north

An email from Sterling – February 14th

From: Sterling Pons ( Subject: what year is this?? Further to my last message, I just read back what I wrote earlier, 'Cus, and I appreciate that I sound like a crazy person. Here is the truth: It's 3.47AM, and I've just been reading over reviews of my first novel. 'He can barely hash out … Continue reading An email from Sterling – February 14th