Ana Jones, narrative continued (9)

Was Pons zig-zagging, trying to avoid the bizarre Roger Starling? Or was it Len Valentino's people, and the work they'd paid him to do for them, that had lead to his disappearance? Why, if so? Intransigence, or some deeper reason? Was there method to his madness? Had he, in fact, as garbled reports coming out … Continue reading Ana Jones, narrative continued (9)


2 new emails (2): Sterling Pons

From: Sterling ( To: Edward Spartacus Cc: Diana Jones   Subject: -------   Dear Cus, By now I'm sure Julia told you I've vanished off the face of the earth, or some such shit. The reality is, nothing of the sort. I'm in Lebanon, Cus. That's right – the Middle East... I'll explain in a … Continue reading 2 new emails (2): Sterling Pons

Mansion Beckett, narrative continued

Bierce's Bookshop, continued "I'm Lovecraft," he said. "Named after your father, or mother?" "Just Lovecraft." "A man of letters?" I asked him. "I have had a few short pieces published in less reputable publications," he said ruefully, "alas perhaps my works are not for everyone. I see you've encountered my friend Mrs Wallace Spencer. A … Continue reading Mansion Beckett, narrative continued