Sunday Thoughts & The Church of COVID

I bet you some guy at some point in history had three wishes and wished to be buff and get some babes.

His third wish was probably something even dumber.

If I had three wishes, I’d wish for us all to exist in a steady-state universe where we are all energy experiencing itself indefinitely until we get tired of being individual consciousness.

See, I like to work for a living – I’m not into the whole going to heaven thing. Too much sitting around, eating grapes all day. Although nirvana does sound pretty good, sometimes.

My second wish is for our sins to be forgiven, eventually, over time. Yes, all of them.

For some of us, I know this is gonna take a longer time. For instance, personally I know that I’ll never trust any politician ever again – but hey, there’s always hope, right?

If you believe there’s such a thing as sin, you have to believe that all of us also need a shot at redemption. I don’t want to spend eternity with you hating your guts, and I don’t want you hating mine.

Woodcut in Rye.

My third wish is for a benevolent god, who would be the sum of all consciousness in the universe, but also able to influence it to take people away from their pain. I have trouble believing in the “big man in the sky” kind of God, but I’m not an athiest, so this is my happy medium: kind of a Hindu cosmology, from what I can gather of their ideas, without delving deeper into the study of some very complicated Sanskrit scripture and trying to figure out what it actually means.

Let’s just say that god, like a friend, would be there (in all of us) to give you a little push on your way… like the Garfield theme tune sez.

Thanks, that’s my TED talk.

Anyway, here’s a blog post with some pictures of things I seen at the weekend! I wish I’d taken some pics at Pembury, in Kent, where I stopped on my way home. There’s a sweet little farm shop there. You should check it out, if you’re ever over there.

Tunbridge Wells, on the other hand, is still a s*** hole.

Gorgeous posters from the indoor antiques market in Rye. April, 2022. Pic credit: Bad Marriage Antiques in Rye, East Sussex

After my recent trip to church over easter I decided I can’t get behind the happy-clappy Christian thing- and even more so the church meddling in politics bothers me, when the Archbishop of Canterbury suddenly found the guts to speak out this week about a plan to send immigrants to Rwanda, I wondered where the church had been the last couple of years when people were being demonised by their governments, banned from seeing their loved ones during lockdowns, literally gagged and shut in their houses and treated appallingly? Really makes you think.

Oh yes, I remember – they supported it.

The point he’s missing is that these things should be done on a case-by-case basis, treating people as individual human beings – like they should have been, and were not, during COVID. And that the church has failed people these last couple of years.

I was going to do a Youtube video, but I didn’t think anyone would find it that entertaining to hear me ramble on about this stuff… so instead I wrote this blog post. I’ll pad it out with some photos from my trip to the antique shops in Rye this weekend, and the gorgeous East Sussex seaside. Don’t worry…. it will all be fine!

This must be the Tu-Rye-in Shroud? (sorry)

So if you’re here you possibly know that I recently did a music magazine about Hastings, that you can get here, and that I have another blog where I post vids and bits from the local scene. But I also write fiction (I have a page for that, too) and I think the next publication I do is going to be a longer-form book of the crime/ detective story that I’ve been publishing in installments over there. What do you think? What would you like to see?? Feel free to tweet me and tell me and I’ll probably ignore everyone’s advice anyway and tell you to “go away.”

As always, I’m also working on other exciting musical and artistic projects that will never happen, and I’ll be sure to update you on them here!

See you in the next one!


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